I often hear people struggling with their diets, this is often because their diets are too extreme, in this article you will find some helpful tips on what’s important when it comes to losing weight and gaining weight and muscles.

One of the most common problems people have is sticking with their diets. It’s therefore important to find a healthy and easy way to make it comfortable enough to stick with your diet for a longer period of time.
In general short and extreme diets never work, people tend to have high cravings for food and will cheat rather then stick to the diet.You should focus on finding a long-term diet that fits you and your everyday life. Make sure you spend some time on research to find a diet that matches your goals and that you can follow even if you are person that travel a lot.

“It’s no point to suffer from training and dieting. If you don’t enjoy what you do, you will not keep it up for a long time.”

I would like to give you a better picture of what “cutting (losing weight) and bulking (gaining weight & muscles).” is, I will tell you about the basic parts of cutting and bulking

You have probably heard about people bulking, but do you know what happens in the body when we do it?
The reason muscle growth and recovery is maximized during a bulk is because that’s when we eat enough nutrients to cover all the needs of your body. We make sure to eat enough calories to support our daily energy needs and recovery, enough protein to support muscle growth and recovery.

“When you feel what the training and nutrition does to your body it will become your drug.”

We do the exact opposite when cutting weight. We eat less energy than our bodies needs in order to lose body fat. If you want to lose weight you can start by just reducing 500 kcal from your daily intake. If you are at a calorie deficit you WILL lose weight no matter what.
An easy way to go is to eat less fat on training days and focusing on eating more carbs + protein. On your rest days you will lower your carbohydrate intake. You should always eat a high amount of protein, to support muscle growth and recovery.

The training
When it comes to the workout part I would recommend you to try HIIT (high intensive interval training)
HIIT has an amazing impact on what we call the “afterburn” effect. (burn calories 24 h after your workout).
When you’re in the gym or running with low intensity you will burn calories during your workout, but you will not burn as many calories when you’re not working out.

When you want to lose weight, it’s not only the time spent working out that’s important; it’s also how many calories you burn when you’re not working out (rest period).
When you put your body under big pressure during your workout you will activate your muscle in a way that will take your body longer time to recover = burning more calories.
Post-workout supplements are a time saver and will give you a push in your progress!

All your meals are important, special attention should be paid to your post-workout meal or shake. To maximize muscle growth and recovery, a protein shake consisting of whey protein and a fast acting carbohydrate could be of great help.

Adding supplements like creatine monohydrate (5 grams)and L-glutamine (5-10 grams) to your shakes will give you a great pump to kick of your training session.

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