As a Swede, with a long history of spending a huge amount of time in the gym, loving the feeling that I get after every workout, nutrition supplements has always been an important part of my life, both for recovery and increasing muscle growth, but also for staying healthy.

Today exactly three years ago I landed in China. Shanghai was my new hometown and I knew that much would change, however I intended to keep spending time in the gym and doing what I loved. After a few days of visiting gyms, I found mine – the only thing missing now was supplements.
So I went online to find protein. At first, nothing, after that nothing. Spending an hour for something that should take 5 minutes I found a few different alternatives. Buying on taobao, however I didn’t speak or read any Chinese, and a lot of people seemed to have received counterfeits, so no to taobao.

Okay, so let’s do it like in the good old days, buy it in a store. I visited a couple of stores in Shanghai that sold nutrition supplements. At the first store I went to, prices where extremely high, and for me that just paid three months rent + deposit paying nearly 700 RMB for protein that I usually pay 350-400 felt like a complete rip off. So I kept on searching for protein, next store, same price, and the next one still around 650-700 RMB and even up to 900 RMB. Half a day and brewing with frustration looking for protein, I gave up. I swallowed my pride and paid 699 RMB for protein, at least I had my nutrition supplements now but I wasn’t too happy.

From that day an idea started to grow, and a question I couldn’t shake “why does everyone charge so much for something that isn’t that expensive where I come from?”. Sure you have to go through the process of duty and imports of the supplements to get them to China, but charging almost the double price compared to what I pay in my home country still didn’t make sense.

Now, three years later I and my team is focused on helping you reaching your goals. Teaming up with the largest producers of fitness, bodybuilding & nutrition supplements IENstore is here to help you get your supplements in China.

We are centered on giving you access to the brands you like, delivered to the place you live! Affordable, efficient & no hassle – directly from the producers themselves.

We just simply call it IENstore.

Welcome to make your first order and we will gladly help you out, no matter if you are new in China or been here so long that you prefer hanging out with the Ayis dancing in the park.

/ Hannes
Founder IENstore


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