Yes… Creatine is great for women too!

With summer just around the corner, creatine could be the supplement you need to achieve that summer body you’ve been looking for fast.

Creatine is often associated with men, as if to say it would be less beneficial to women. This myth can be debunked. The muscle and energy systems for both men and women work the same, meaning it is just as beneficial for women to use the supplement as it is for men.

In fact, it could be argued that creatine is even more effective for women. As it increases performance at high intensities for men, it can do the same for women at a faster pace. Research has found that females can see creatine impact their performance in as little as 5 weeks. So, if you are looking to increase strength or performance at the gym, creatine is a speedier route in aiding performance and recovery.

Weight gain is a reason often cited by women in not using the supplement. Creatine aids your body in building muscle, so yes, you may see a weight gain. However, this weight gain is in the form of lean muscle mass, which in turn allows you to lose fat at a faster rate. A study in Brazil, conducted on women, saw that in a 12 week period the participants gained 3% more muscle mass than those who took a placebo. This muscle gain will only help in your attempts to lose fat and tone your body.

Bloating is also a complaint attached to creatine. However, this tends to happen with excessive intake, stick to the recommended 3-5g a day dosage and you’ll reap the rewards. What it’s doing is increasing the blood flow to your muscles, enabling you to maximize the use of your muscles. So 3-5g a day will allow you to efficiently maximize your muscle potential with minimal bloating.

My favourite benefit of creatine is its ability to reduce fatigue, allowing you to squeeze in an extra workout. You know them days, where you come home from work and don’t have enough energy to feed your cat?

Creatine essentially reduces them and not only will your cat be fed, but you’ll also find an extra push to get to the gym. In fact, the previous study in Brazil also found that women who took creatine were able to workout at a higher volume, as they could handle more than double the amount of total sets and reps than those with a placebo.

To wrap up, you must remember that you take in creatine everyday through sources of meat and fish. Taking creatine supplements will only boost your creatine intake allowing you to take advantage of the benefits it can give you at the gym.

Do give creatine a go and let us at IEN know how it went for you!

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Written by Yusuf Jibali


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