Last time we talk about what to eat before heading to the gym. Today let’s change topic to: What should you eat after workout?
First we should know why what we consume is important. While you are exercising, your muscles will use up their glycogen stores as a source of fuel. When this occurs the muscles often end up being partially depleted of glycogen.
At the same time, much of your muscle tissue end up damaged and broken down. Your body naturally tries to rebuild its glycogen stores, and repair and regrow the muscle tissue. It is important to eat the right food after you exercise to help your body to recover.
Basically, you need protein to help your body recover. Protein can provide your body with the amino acids that are necessary to repair and rebuild, as well as build new muscle tissue. Carbohydrates will replenish the depleted glycogen stores that were used up as fuel. To get the proper results it’s recommended to replace these stores within 30 minutes after training.
So, after workout, get some rest and take a shower. Then have a meal full of protein: beef, chicken, salmon and eggs are all good sources of protein. For carbohydrates, potato, oatmeal and brown rice are good sources. These slow digested carbs will refill your body with energy. Glycogen synthesis also has been shown to work more effectively when carbohydrate and protein are paired together, with a recommended ratio of 3:1 carbohydrates versus proteins.
If you don’t have time to get a full meal or you have to work after your workout. Take 1 scoop of protein powder after workout, whey protein is especially good, because it’s rich in BCAAs and digests quickly, which means that the protein will be absorbed by your body with great efficiency, fast and convenient.
This was quick introduction to food you should eat after your workout, you can see the importance of nutrition from food. Your diet will have a great impact on the results from your workout. To get fit eating less is never a wise idea. Counting calories can be necessary, but don’t get too restricted from it. Eat healthy food and go to the gym regularly, and you will eventually reach your goals!

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