Some of you may have heard that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Although the origins of the exact numbers are unknown, the general premise of the idea holds true. In addition to healthy eating habits, there are simple tactics that expedite the weight loss process. This is accomplished through increasing your metabolism.



It is true that reducing the number of calories helps with weight loss but there is a wrong and a healthy way to accomplish this. Cutting down to below 1800 or 1200 calories for men and women, respectively can slow down your metabolism and is a health concern. The healthy method is to increase the number of meals or snacks you eat throughout the day. The general rule of thumb is every three to four hours. As a snacka a protein bar can be a great option. Although doctors disagree if eating smaller meals increases your metabolism, people who follow this rule tend to lose weight faster and consistently lose weight for a longer period of time.



In addition to meal frequency, what you eat makes a difference. Proteins, compared to carbohydrates, digest much more slowly, making overeating harder. Whey protein is an excellent substitute if you can’t get enough protein from your diet. Another more shocking fact is that healthy fats help you lose weight. When you reduce your carbohydrate intake and increase healthy fact intake, the amount of insulin in your body decreases. The lower your insulin level is, the easy it is for your body to burn fat as an energy source. Additionally, fats digest slower than carbs. Healthy fats include dark chocolate, almonds, and avocados.


Exercise (训练)

It is evident that calories are burned when working out but calories also continue to be “burned” after the workout. Protein, compared to fat, consumes more calories to maintain. People with more muscle have higher resting metabolic rates for this reason.


Another method is to increase your workout intensity which is mentioned in the “5 Fat Loss myths and tips article!”. High intensity interval training (HIIT) raises your heart beat much higher than a moderately-paced jog. But why is that important? Not only does that mean you could burn the same amount of calories in much less time, but also burns more calories after the workout is complete due to an oxygen deficiency in your body. That means your body has to continue burning calories to bring oxygen to your body. This is commonly referred to as the afterburn effect.


If taken step by step, these adjustments will feel like a gradual transition and the results will follow. Weight loss does not need to be a time-consuming process so make this your summer. Just take the first step.


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Written by James Park

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