The idea of a superset is quite simple:one exercise immediately followed by a different exercise; however, there are five different categories of supersets. They are pre-exhaustion, post-exhaustion, compound, isolation and staggered.


Each superset has its own pros and cons but they all have two things in common, which are they save you time and increase lactic acid production in your body. Increased lactic acid production is important because it also increases growth hormone levels that help with fat loss and muscle growth.


Pre-exhaustion and post-exhaustion supersets are very similar on paper. Whereas a pre-exhaustion superset is an isolation exercise followed by a compound exercise, post-exhaustion is simply in the reverse order. The idea behind pre-exhaustion is that you can exhaust a muscle with the isolation exercise and push it further during the compound exercise with the help of other muscles.


Post-exhaustion uses the compound exercise to fatigue the target muscle and the isolation exercise to completely tear your muscle apart. The only downside to these supersets is that you won’t necessarily get stronger as you will discover you will have to drop weight for the second exercise. It is impossible to say which one is better as everyone’s body reacts differently.


Compound supersets is exactly what it sounds like. Two compound exercises back-to-back. As you can imagine, it’s very intense and is the fastest method for muscle growth, but it is much easier to injure yourself if fatigue affects your form. It is also harder to train a specific lacking muscle when doing compound workouts.


Isolation supersets, as you’ve probably guessed it, two isolation exercises one after the other. Since it doesn’t include a compound exercise it is not the best for overall muscle growth, but it allows you to target different parts of the muscle and really focus on one.


Staggered superset is working out two completely unrelated muscles groups. It won’t completely exhaust a muscle like the other supersets, but it is only done when time is short or when you want to target a lacking muscle so you work it out twice a week.


Implementing supersets into your workout is a great idea if you want to quicken your muscle growth or if you hit a plateau. The only way to make your muscles bigger is to work them harder and one of the easiest ways to work them harder is to add a set at the end of your set. Remember, make sure to give your body enough rest and nutrients. Exercising without sufficient protein only does more harm to the body than good.




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