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Stefanie 其人

Seated on the mats in Absolute MMA, we had the chance to interview Stefanie, an outgoing girl who always has sweet smile on her face. Right now she works in Absolute MMA, an martial arts gym, pursuing her bigger dream of being a boxing coach and martial artist. But Belgian born Stefanie never thought moving to China would result in a career in a gym before. She was a Deputy General Manager at the Benelux Chamber of Commerce, and Brand Manager at a branding agency shortly after that.坐在绝地格斗的垫子上,我们有机会采访到Stefanie, 一个脸上时刻挂着笑容的女孩。现在她在绝地格斗工作,正朝着她心目中那个大梦想前进,那就是做拳击教练和武术大师。但是在比利时长大的她怎么也不会想到来到中国会让她和拳馆结下了不解之缘。她曾是荷比卢工商协会的副总经理,也曾做过品牌经理。

After moving to Shanghai in 2011 for a role in sales, Stef took advantage of the variety of cuisines that Shanghai has to offer. After some time, the novelty wore off and weight gain that Stef had never experienced before prompted Stef  who never did any exercise prior to that  to take action and make a lifestyle change.她于2011年来到上海,做销售工作。初来上海的她见到上海当地美食,就好像打开了一扇新世界的大门。一段时间之后,从不进行运动锻炼的她发现自己胖了好多,于是下定决心要改变自己的生活方式。

How Stefanie met boxing初识拳击

After trying a realm of different sports and activities, Stef stumbled across Golden Gloves, and little did she know it would change her life!在经历过一系列运动项目的尝试过后,Stef 来到金手套拳击馆,然后就一发不可收拾。

By chance, Stef ended up being the only one to turn up to her first group class. “It was tough but I enjoyed it and decided to carry it on”. Stef was driven and motivated, and decided to signed up for Brawl on the Bund. Since then she tried so hard to drop down her body weight in order to stand up on the stage. She did it, but she lost the fight to her amazing friend Jackie Zhang. For her, the experience on the stage has driven her deep in the martial arts, and she’s had two more boxing matches since then.一次偶然的机会,Stef决定上团体课,但是发现整个班上只有她一个人。“虽然对于我来说很难,但是我决定继续下去”。在那之后,她受到了很大的鼓舞,于是决定报名“外滩争霸”。为了能够登台比赛,她非常刻苦地训练,同时还要减重。最后她成功登台,虽然她输掉了与她好朋友Jackie Zhang的比赛。对于她来说,这次争霸赛的经历让她彻底迷恋上武术,在那之后她有参加了两次拳击比赛。

By chance Stef was introduced to a small Brazilian jiu jitsu gym called Warzone, who gave a new and different MMA perspective on boxing, re-inspiring Stefanie and driving her to delve into the world of boxing again.也是一次偶然的机会,Stef经朋友介绍,来到了一个叫Warzone的巴西柔术馆,这家柔术馆对于拳击有着不同角度的理解,这让她备受启发,促使她重新深入研究拳击。

Absolute MMA绝地格斗

Absolute MMA, a Melbourne based gym came into the picture some months ago. Boasting fighters such as Craig Jones, Absolute MMA trains over 1000 students and has 3 gyms throughout the Melbourne region. After experiencing the Warzone training vibe, Absolute MMA decided to partner up, and so their first Absolute MMA location in China was created.几个月之后,来自澳大利亚墨尔本的馆—绝地格斗,出现在人们眼前。他们有很多像Craig Jones引以为豪的拳手,他们已经累计训练1000多名学生,并且在墨尔本当地有3个训练馆。在经过对Warzone的实地考察之后,绝地格斗决定与之合作,因此,中国第一个绝地格斗训练馆正式成立。

Experience is not required to start training at Absolute MMA; modern and proven training methods and techniques are employed to suit individuals from all walks of life. With experienced and passionate coaches across different disciplines, Absolute MMA offers a range of classes in Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling and Self Defense. They also offer tailored training sessions on a personal or corporate level.在绝地格斗,不论资历高低都可以训练。既有现代化也有传统型的训练,适合于各种人群。各种有经验和富有激情的教练坐镇,绝地格斗能够提供各种武术课程,像巴西柔术,泰拳,拳击,摔跤和自我防御。同时这里还提供各种不同程度量身定制的课程。

Absolute MMA Shanghai is kitted out with top of the range equipment, and organizes Super Sessions / Sparring every Friday night for both members and non-members, aiming to create a friendly community of passionate martial artists. Sparring sessions offer amateurs a chance to mix with pros, proving beneficial to all. They also run kids programs 6 days a week, teaching children of all ages about martial arts, but also about manners, respect and discipline.上海绝地格斗在器材方面也是首屈一指,同时还设立独创的Super sessions/ Sparring,时间定在每周五的晚上,无论是馆内会员还是非会员都可以参加,致力于建立一个和谐友好的武术对抗社区。在这样的对战课程里,业余选手和职业选手都可以参加,共同受益。他们还设立了儿童课程,每周六次,通过这些课程,不仅能够教会小孩子武术,同时还有谦逊礼让,保持感恩和纪律性,这些都是能够受益终身的品德。

About Nutrition关于运动营养

Nutrition is of high importance to Stefanie. During cutting periods, Stefanie relies on supplements to be able to lose weight while maintaining a healthy eating pattern and the obtaining the right nutrients.运动营养品对于Stefanie来说也是非常重要的。在减脂期间,她依靠补剂来降低体重的同时,能够保证一个健康的饮食习惯,获得正确的营养补充。

It’s not all pain and gain though, as Stef’s cupcake tattoo says “No pain, no cake”. She has a soft spot for sweet treats, and usually rewards herself after a fight with a donut or two. However Stef was once caught out eating a donut right before a jiu jitsu match – waiting around all day for her fight to be called and not being able to eat to stay on weight proved too much. She won the fight though – so it’s not all bad! She will always love her cheat food, but keeps it in moderation, that’s the key!运动训练不仅仅只有痛苦,也有很多收获。正像Stef的蛋糕纹身写到“没有付出就没有蛋糕”。她真的抗拒不了甜品的诱惑,通常在一次比赛之后她会奖励自己一两个甜甜圈。然而,在一次巴西柔术比赛之前,她实在没有忍住偷吃了一个甜甜圈,这在通常情况下是不允许的,因为要在上台之前称重,可是她实在等了太长时间。最后她还是赢得了比赛,因此,还不算糟糕!对于她来说,她会一直吃这些甜点等欺骗餐,但是始终保持在一个可控范围内,这才是最重要的。

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