Creatine is a product in the nutritional supplement world that isn’t well understood and is often mis-represented when people ask questions about it. This chemical is produced naturally in our bodies, particularly in our muscles and brain. It’s used to make a substance called ATP, which helps the body perform normal muscle contractions. We get creatine from natural production within our bodies and from protein-rich foods such as red meat or fish.

Creatine supplements are often used for muscle development and improving physique for older adults, though many athletes and young adults use it for short bursts of energy reserved for high-intensity activities, such as weight-lifting and short distance sprinting. There isn’t enough scientific evidence present to suggest any hard negative side effects with normal creatine consumption. However, it isn’t recommended for children under the age of eighteen or pregnant women. Even everyday users should be careful not to use creatine in excess, maintain a carefully selected regimen in order to avoid any potential side effects from overuse, as with any over-the-counter drug. It should be mentioned that there are instances where creatine supplements do not work for everyone, there are some people that feel no effect whatsoever from taking Creatine. If you are someone who isn’t affected by it, this is completely natural, don’t try to force a reaction from it by taking excessive doses of the supplements.

While it isn’t necessarily for everyone, Creatine supplements can be an excellent source of quick energy for short high-intensity efforts along with a way to get a tighter physique and more defined muscles. It’s an all-natural supplement that can help with any heavy duty workout for that extra mile needed to get that optimal leaner physique or to help train for that marathon to beat your last time. Around 40% of Western university athletes and close to 50% of professional athletes profess to using creatine supplements in their daily training regimens and they claim that it gives them the boost they need to go the distance and give the extra effort needed to reach their goals.

This product is recommended for sprinters and weight lifters, though it’s specialized for any exercise enthusiast that’s interested in heavy duty workouts.

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