There are many great reasons to exercise, but the most common ones are to build strength or to lose weight. To being able to keep working out on a regular bacis it’s important to stay healthy.

It’s therefore very important to listen to your body’s signals to avoid inflammation in the muscles. When you exercise and lift heavy the risk of inflammation in muscles increases.

Here is what you can do to prevent it.

Good rest, less stress and enough sleep is vital, but not always easy to obey.  The “American heart Association” also recommends a weekly intake of fish two times a week which contains Omega-3.

Omega-3 contains high levels of fatty acids, DHA and EPA. Neither DHA nor EPA can be produced by the body itself, which means you have to get it through your diet.

Studies have shown that fatty acids are critical for reaction time. A report from “The Journal of Sports,Science and Medicine” shows that, the reaction time of the test group of professional female football players increased significant after Omega-3 supplement intake. The test length were four weeks, and data where collected before and after the additional intake of Omega 3. Reaction time is a crucial factor in many sports such as fighting, racket sports and track running.

It also decreases the risk of getting inflammation in the muscles. Tough and intensive training can have a large effect on inflammations, which can set you off track. That’s why it’s important to make sure you comsume enough Omega-3. With enough DHA and EPA in your body, the muscles will recover faster.

Remeber to listen to your body when you feel pain in the muscles or exhausted and make sure you take a break to recover.

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