Perhaps you’ve read a lot about online workouts. In some ways, female bodies are slightly different than that of men. Because of this, some unreliable information has spread throughout the fitness circle, especially for girls who want to get in shape. You might be feeling confused and usually end with an unsatisfying result. Today, let’s talk about some common myths about women’s workout.


1、 Resistance Training Will Make You Bulky


Resistance training will not make you bulky. Why? It’s quite simple; women don’t produce nearly enough testosterone to bulk up. In fact, men have 15-20 times more testosterone than women, and it still takes them years of heavy training and proper nutrition to gain muscle. It takes most women even longer. If your arms and legs seem to bulk up after you work out, that might be a result of the congestion effect. After spending a few days recovering, it will disappear.


2、 Spot Reduction Works


All of us have little trouble areas: the belly, lower back, and inner or outer thighs. Even after attempting to reduce overall body fat and increase muscle mass, these spots can be problematic in achieving your perfect result. Unfortunately, targeted fat loss is not scientifically possible. But you can do exercises designed to build muscle in your trouble areas. As for spot reduction, make sure to take this off your workout checklist.


3、 Losing weight ≠ Losing fat


Using weight is one way to measure your progress on the road to getting fit. But don’t let this be your only reference. Muscle is heavier than fat with the same mass. If you’re not losing weight, you’re probably adding some lean muscle. So don’t worry; body shape is always more important than body weight, isn’t it?


4、 Spend too much time on cardio


Of course cardio helps with fat loss, but one must confirm it’s the right amount and form of cardio. Lengthy cardio sessions will cause muscle loss, and won’t help in building the perfect body shape. Target muscle and cardio together instead. It has been shown that resistance training combined with cardio is the best regime for fat loss and a toned body shape.


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