JayJay: A girl with a dream of boxing. JayJay和她的拳击梦

​ Who’s JayJay?  JayJay其人With the “Brawl on the Bund” hosted by White Collar Boxing approaching, I had the pleasure to interview JayJay, a female candidate whose spunky personality and humble beginnings make her journey that much more...
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What should you eat after workout?训练后该吃些什么?

​ Last time we talk about what to eat before heading to the gym. Today let’s change topic to: What should you eat after workout? 上一篇推送我们提到训练前该吃点什么。这次我们来聊聊重点:训练后该怎么吃? First we should know why what we consume is important. While you are exercising, your muscles will use...
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4 common myths about women and workout 女性健身的4个常见误区

​Perhaps you’ve read a lot about online workouts. In some ways, female bodies are slightly different than that of men. Because of this, some unreliable information has spread throughout the fitness circle, especially for girls who want to get in shape. You might be...
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Superset! What is it and should you do it?关于超级组,你想知道的都在这!

The idea of a superset is quite simple:one exercise immediately followed by a different exercise; however, there are five different categories of supersets. They are pre-exhaustion, post-exhaustion, compound, isolation and staggered....
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Can you burn calories on your day off? 休息时也能消耗卡路里吗?

Short answer is yes, you can. However, you burn calories everyday even if you don’t exercise at all. This is because if you don’t, you will basically die. But let’s not get too tragic here!...
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What are you doing wrong? 突破平台期,总得做点什么

The first few weeks at the gym are always the most rewarding. Every week, it almost feels like you break another personal record and the results are showing. If you see your progress starting to slow down, there might be a few reasons why. One common mistake many new...
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